Puppies to Thank you cards!

It’s been awhile, but in my defense, I’ve been busy. With what, you ask? Well… 2 weeks post honeymoon my husband (woah, still sounds strange) and I decided to expand our family by getting a puppy. Yes, a puppy!


Our new puppy, Henry!

We have been been slowly settling into married life, but I must say not much has changed. We have fallen into a nice routine of marriage bliss, which includes walking the puppy, feeding the puppy, and of course, cuddling the puppy.

Since the wedding we have been busy with post-wedding tasks, such as Thank You cards. This has been such a daunting task, but I can happily report that we dropped 80 cards into the mail yesterday. We ended buying our thank you cards from VistaPrint , and we ended using a couple of our wedding pictures are a template. So of course, we had to wait until our wedding pictures were ready until we could order the cards, and then there was the wait of shipping, and finally the wait of actual hand writing each one. At first I felt quite bad for the delay; at this point it’s been a couple of months, and according to Emily Post (Etiquette guru) I barely made the cut off. Emily Post says that we should have thank you cards sent out by 3 months, oops, more like 4! Better late than never!

Speaking of wedding pictures, it was so fun and amazing to get our wedding pictures. I was totally impressed by our photographer Jeff Cooke, who perfectly captured the day. Our wedding day flew by, and it was so fantastic to re-live the day through our pictures. There are some great shots of just Stew and I, us and our family, and tons of fun pictures from the reception.

Here’s a quick sample of some of our pictures:

1 JCP_S+S_Wedding-96-L JCP_S+S_Wedding-97-L JCP_S+S_Wedding-206-2-X2


I can’t stop looking at them! We received some beautiful silver Kate Spade frames and  many of these pictures are proudly displayed around our home.

Well I’m tapped out for now- I have much to report, so stay tuned!




507 days have come and gone!

Hi folks!

It’s been awhile since I last posted anything. You could say I’ve been busy, busy getting married! It has been a crazy 3 weeks- between the week leading up to the wedding, the actual wedding and the honeymoon, I haven’t had to time catch up. All I do know is that I am now happily married!

I have thoroughly enjoyed this whole blogging thing, and I think I will keep it alive by blogging about 507 days of marriage. Starting with day 1, August 2nd! Here’s a sneak peek of the big day!


Thank you so much for your support, again it’s crazy to believe that 507 days have come and gone, however I look forward to the next 507 days of my life! Stay tuned!


2 week countdown!

Where has the time gone? It feels like just 493 days ago when I started this blog, and the wedding felt so far away. Now look how far we’ve come- 2 weeks to go! Everything is falling into place, and in 14 days I’ll be tying the knot with this guy!

july 20

14 days to go!